Did you know about WebSeWriMo?

Many authors have heard about National Novel Writing Month.  It’s an informal competition of sorts that lasts for the month of November.  Authors sign up on the site, state their writing goals and then keep track of their progress over the course of the month.  Ideally you’re supposed to crack out a new novel.  But most authors just use NaNoWriMo as a chance to set personal goals and complete them.

But did you know about the less famous cousin?  That’s right, if you are a short story author that happens to write a web serial, you can participate in Web Serial Writing Month (WebSeWriMo) which occurs every August.  Web serials are not often spoken of in “polite company” but they certainly have a very devoted cult following.  The stories told are often deeply involved and told across the span of many years.

The premis of the competition is similar to NaNoWriMo.  You sign up and then set goals for yourself.  The twist is that instead of completing a new novel, you’re trying to tell a complete chapter (or something similar) on your web serial.  Definitely worth checking out if this sounds like something that could interest you!  If you’re a reader, you can find some excellent web serials to follow.  If you’re a writer, it’s a good way to tap into that niche audience.


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