SFWG 2012 Speculative Fiction Contest RESULTS

We would like to thank everyone that took the time to submit to our first contest.  We received a number of very intriguing stories that led to some fun discussions for us.  SFWG does plan on making contests a regular part of our yearly events.  So there will certainly be more prizes to earn in the future!

And now for the results!

First Prize goes to Aaron Engler for his story “Event Zero.”  You can read this story for free here.

Second Prize goes to Erin Lawless for her story “Deadlands.”  You can read about the collection containing this story here.

Third Prize goes to Anthony Stevens for his story “Statuary.”  You can read this story for free here and read about his upcoming project here.

Keep your eyes peeled for future contest announcements!


9 thoughts on “SFWG 2012 Speculative Fiction Contest RESULTS

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  2. Thank you very much! I really appreciated the opportunity to participate, and I’m glad that people enjoyed the story.

    Congratulations due to the runners up as well!

    I hope that the SFWG holds more contests in the future- anything that can get more eyes on authors and artists can only be a good thing.

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