Web Fiction: A modern spin on the short story

A side project I’ve been exploring for about a year and a half now is web fiction.  Not to be confused with “web serials” which commonly refer to short video series.  The terminology changes every few months it seems but web fiction is an umbrella term for stories that are published online, blog-style, one piece at a time.  They can take the form of a web novel where each post is a chapter and there is a definite beginning, middle and end.  They can be web comics where each post is like a newspaper comic strip only with a continuous plot.  Or they can be web serials where each post reveals more about the world and continues the drama (like soap operas).

Honestly, it’s really hard to gain an audience when writing this style of blog.  It takes a long time.  But the further I have delved and investigated web fiction, the more I realize that there is a small but very devoted cult following for this type of story telling.

If you’re a reader it’s truly worth investigating some of these stories.  Some of the artwork and world building these writing create are just amazing.  Web Fiction Guide is a very comprehensive list of current web fiction and would be a good place to discover some new stories to follow.

If you’re a writer, it’s a different spin on the short story.  It’s basically the modern version of writing for a newspaper like what Charles Dickens did back in the day for his stories.  Despite the slow buildup in the audience department, it’s an excellent way to hone your craft and story telling abilities.  Also, it’s a nice way to avoid burnout if you’ve been heavily focusing in one genre for a long time.


2 thoughts on “Web Fiction: A modern spin on the short story

  1. This looks like a really great blog and I can’t wait to read more. I only have one story that has been accepted for publication, but I have a few stories I’m waiting to hear back from so maybe I will be able to become a member soon. Keep up the good work 🙂

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