SFWG 2013 Romance Contest RESULTS

We would like to thank everyone that took the time to submit to our first romance contest.  Here at SFWG we want to try and celebrate all genres of short fiction which is why we chose something very different from speculative fiction this time around.

And now for the results!

First Prize goes to Amy Krohn for her story “The Third Painting.”  Amy has graciously offered to give a free PDF copy to anyone interested in reading her story.  You can contact her at: amy.krohn@yahoo.com

Second Prize goes to Laura Lond for her story “A Merman’s Kiss.”  You can buy this story  on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Third Prize goes to Melissa Keir for her story “A Christmas Accident.”  You can buy this story on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Secret Cravings Publishing.

Always be on the lookout for future contest announcements!


8 thoughts on “SFWG 2013 Romance Contest RESULTS

  1. Personal friend of Amy Krohn’s …so excited for her. I’ve read the Third Painting, and it is such an evocative, compelling short romance story. Congrats, Amy!! Love xoxo

  2. I have read Amy Krohn’s captivating, well-written short story…twice, and I look forward to Laura Lond’s and Melissa Keir’s, having just purchased both for my Kindle. Congratulations to all three contest winners!!

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