Recommended Read: “Dealing with the Demon and Other Stories” by KM Rockwood

Recommended by:  Holly Grant who says, “Dealing with the Demon and Other Stories, by K.M. Rockwood, a collection of contemporary short stories with twists and surprises. The collection is sold on Amazon for 99 cents. It has a 5 star rating. including a review by a top 100 vine reviewer. Some of the stories have a Twilight-zone, paranormal feel and some are straight mysteries. I loved the stories. Each one is several thousand words, not too long.”

Summary:  Five stories of five people who struggle to survive on the fringes of society.

– Jerry, a homeless veteran with PTS who doesn’t need more trouble in the form of drug dealers who think he may have witnessed a murder, or an injured stray dog he drags out of the rain into his ragged shelter… or a demon.

– Ruth, a young mother abandoned on a drought-stricken farm by her husband and family.

– Joe, a recently paroled convict who has become a project for his aunt’s stern church auxiliary group.

– Crystal, whose children were sent to foster care, wants desperately to reclaim them and give them a better life than she ever had.

– And Harry, who has lost pretty much everything—his job, his wife, his house—and will take any job offered to him.

Buy this collection here.


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