Recommended Read: “Midnight’s Tale” by George Berger

 Recommended by:  Holly Grant who says, “Amazon editors chose this as a Kindle single. It’s a charming story about an innocent goat who learns about life beyond the barn. The book has a literary touch and is humorous, too.”

Summary:  He’s faced hordes of screaming children intent upon his destruction. He’s endured close confinement with a hostile camel. He even narrowly averted being the star attraction in a Satanic ritual sacrifice. Yet, despite handling these crises with aplomb, poor Midnight is ill-prepared for his latest, greatest adventure: a perilous foray into the affairs of the heart. He knows all there is to know of love that a farm can teach – but will it be enough to see the young goat through his darkest and most trying times?

Midnight’s Tale is a 12,000-word literary story of life and love in the treacherous, apple-laden world beyond the comforts of the barn.

Buy this story here.


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