NEW READ: “Gatekeepers” by C.C. Kelly

gatekeepers cover small (1)

Summary:  Early in the twenty-second century, self expression is banned, including books, music and art. The Big 5 Divisions of the Ministry of Arts now control and monitor everything. If you’re lucky, your application for content creation will be accepted and if not, re-education may be required.

R. Garraty has worked hard to become the Deputy Director of The Division of Information Control. But, he has always secretly dreamed of a position in The Division of Content Creation. And today his wish is coming true – a promotion.

But, a new applicant-hacker going by the tag Slipknot has demonstrated the vulnerability of the system firewalls. The question now is whether or not this hacker is aiming for a top position with Information Control or launching a subversive attack on the system. R. Garraty can only hope that his promotion comes through before Slipknot’s agenda is revealed.

Buy this story here.


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