SFWG Announces: The Daily KU Short Read


We at the Short Fiction Writers Guild have a new, free service: The KU Daily Short Read! Subscribe now and get ready to discover great short fiction in all genres–available FOR FREE through the Amazon KINDLE UNLIMITED PROGRAM..

When you subscribe, SFWG will be sending a daily recommendation of a short read available through the Kindle Unlimited Program! What a great way to check out new, short fiction! Save the date–it starts in a few days!


You may have heard that Amazon has launched a new program, KINDLE UNLIMITED. (If you haven’t heard about it–have a read, here.

Basically, for $9.99 a month, you get access to an unlimited number of books. We at SFWG think this is a fantastic opportunity for lovers of short fiction! No longer do you have to wonder about the cost of a short work. With the KU program of unlimited monthly access, you can include a healthy diet of short work without breaking your piggy bank!

BUT–there are a lot of books to wade through! So we’ve decided to help you!

Each day, we at the SFWG will send you one recommendation. Each day, in your in-box, you’ll find a link to one piece of short fiction available FREE through the Kindle Unlimited Program.

Remember, KU lets you read as much as you want–for one low price! (Be sure to check the terms of the program at Amazon before you enroll. This is their program, not ours!)

What if you’re not enrolled in KU? Easy–you’ll still love our Daily Short Read. You can buy every story we send you from Amazon, even if you aren’t enrolled in KU.

So get ready short fiction lovers! SUBSCRIBE HERE :http://eepurl.com/pjVS5

(SFWG and the KU Daily Short Read are not affiliated with Amazon.com. The Kindle Unlimited program is Amazon’s program, not ours. Please see the Amazon.Com site for terms of service.)


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