New Short Story Magazine

The times they are a-changin’…


Our busy lives force us to squeeze our relaxation and entertainment into small pockets of personal ‘downtime’– the time it takes to travel to and from work, take a morning coffee break or put our feet up after a hard day.


Remember when we loved reading? How we loved stories ever since we were children and they were read to us at bedtime? But what happened? Where did it go wrong? Somehow we lost the bug…


Now we find ourselves starting a book and not finishing it and for a lot of us reading has become a once-a year thing on the beach or worse, we’ve given it up altogether. So with ‘me time’ being so rare, that four hundred-page novel or celebrity biography just doesn’t cut it anymore. We need something different. We need something to bring back the fun and fire-up our imaginations – just like those bedtime stories used to do.


So we created Cracked Eye – a new kind of digital magazine for a new kind of reader.


In every issue of Cracked Eye you’ll find short fiction, illustrations, cartoons, videos, audio-books, graphic novels and serials – all at your fingertips on all devices across all platforms, every month.


We’ve taken a mix of well-known and emerging talent, more genres and styles than you can shake a smartphone at and illustrated it all beautifully and added heaps of audio and video to the blend. So now you can read an entire story on your commute, an episode of a graphic novel on your coffee break, or listen to an audio-story before you go to sleep.


Yes – the times they are-a changin’ – but fortunately, the story is back.


Coming November 4th. Find out more at


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