The Fourth Sense – A Review

You could say Vetiver Quinn has a nose for crime. Born with an enhanced sense of smell, Ms. Quinn can glean a person’s past in just one sniff. This talent is perfect in her small shop, creating unique scents for her devoted customers. Add in a side job with the military, a hidden nuke and a handsome man in uniform, and you have The Fourth Sense, a great start to Delia Fontana’s new series.

When Peter Eliades (a hunky military dude) shows up in Quinn’s shop one afternoon, he knows time is running out to find and disarm a bomb hidden somewhere in the metro area, but he needs her unique gifts to find it. He also quickly learns that her sense of smell will help Quinn understand him in a way no one else can too.

The first episode of Vetiver Quinn introduces likable characters and promises a fast-paced and exciting new series. Will Peter and Vetiver be able to solve this new mystery, and how long before their working relationship gets personal?

“The Fourth Sense” was the first place story in SFWG’s 2015 Series Debut Contest.


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