About SFWG

Mission Statement
The Short Fiction Writers Guild (SFWG) celebrates and promotes all genres of short fiction in an effort to share the entertainment of the form with new readers, provides a robust marketing platform to expand market viability and profit potential for the works of its members, and offers a range of services to help members improve as writers, while embracing the virtues of honesty, professionalism, and integrity.

Casper Bogart
Casper Bogart loves writing short stories. Mystery, thrillers and horror, the kind of stories that get under your skin, creep you out, keep you guessing and wanting more – these are the stories that Mr. Bogart specializes in. One reviewer called his work “twisty tales with a juicy kick.” Another was “impressed with how much character development the author packed into such few words.” In a previous life, Casper Bogart wrote for some of the leading network television shows under another name. He’d tell you that name, but…where’s the mystery in that?
Websites: Casper Bogart
Facebook: CasperBogartAuthor
E-mail: casperbogart@gmail.com
Primary Writing Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

Alain Gomez
Alain Gomez lives in San Diego and has been writing since she was sixteen. She works in the field of music but has continued to pursue her passion for writing as an independent author. Though she generally sticks to writing shorter stories, Alain enjoys experimenting with a variety of genres including science fiction and fantasy.
Website: Alain Gomez
Facebook: authoralaingomez
E-mail: authoralaingomez@gmail.com
Primary Writing Genre: Science Fiction

C.C. Kelly
C.C. Kelly writes what he loves to read: science fiction, horror, thrillers, mainstream fiction (with just a little romance), and especially woeful stories about broken anti-heroes. When he isn’t writing, he is a professional designer, illustrator, and occasional musician.
Website: C.C. Kelly Studios
Facebook: CC-Kelly
E-mail: cckelly.writer@gmail.com
Primary Writing Genres: Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy

Jason Varrone
Jason Varrone is a fantasy fiction writer living in Western New York with his wife and two children. He also runs Short Fiction Spotlight, a website dedicated to expanding the reach of the short fiction form. He would love to hear your thoughts about his work.
Websites: Jason Varrone / Short Fiction Spotlight
Facebook: jasonvarronewriter
E-mail: jasonvarrone@gmail.com
Primary Writing Genre: Fantasy (epic)