How to Join

Membership in SFWG is free. All we ask prospective members to have is:
  • At least two (2) works of short fiction published and available for purchase, either as two separate publications or within one collection.
  • An Amazon author page or a website listing your published work (e.g. a SmashWords author page or a personal website listing your products).
  • A willingness to both take advantage of the services SFWG offers and help your fellow short fiction authors thrive.
  • Erotica authors are welcome to join. Submissions for our New Reads page will be screened and we will use our judgment in featuring your cover.
  • NOTE: You do not have to exclusively write short fiction to join SFWG. If you have novels for sale, that is fine (congratulations!), but the services offered here only relate to short fiction.

To apply for membership, use the form on the Contact Us page and select the Membership Inquiry option from the dropdown menu. Your author name and associated e-mailaddress are required to send the form. In the Comment section, provide your Amazon author page (or its equivalent), a website you would like to have listed in the Members section (if applicable), and your primary writing genre(s). If you wish to offer additional services such as private beta reading, editing, or proofreading, please include them in the Comment section so we can list them with your membership information.

Upon acceptance into SFWG, we will forward the password for the Member’s Corner pages to you. We will always update our members promptly when the password changes.

If you have multiple pen names, please join again under each name and provide the associated e-mail and website. This will help us maximize your promotional opportunities across all your brands.

We also encourage you to like the SFWG Facebook page and Follow this Blog link on our Home page to stay informed about new blog posts, contests, and added services.

FINAL NOTE: We reserve the right to remove members if their actions reflect negatively on SFWG.


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