Member Benefits

Beta Reading
As an author, finding beta readers to provide honest, objective feedback on unpublished work can be difficult. As a member of SFWG you have two options for finding beta readers:
  • Using the contact information within our Members page, privately connect with fellow members to find those willing to beta read for you, perhaps targeting authors within your genre. If you go this route, we recommend that members trade beta reading services to keep the amount of work relatively even.
  • Post your story to a password-protected page on our website and have fellow members offer constructive criticism online. Please refer to our Beta Reading Guidelines for more information.

Marketing / Cross-Promotion
Short fiction authors often have a difficult time marketing their work. Members of SFWG have access to the following benefits to help their marketing efforts:

  • When a member publishes a new work of short fiction, we will feature the cover with a link to a retailer of your choosing on our New Reads page. Just e-mail with the title, author, retailer link, and attach the cover with the long side measuring 250 pixels (we can resize your cover if you can’t) and we will do the rest.
  • Members can easily connect with each other to facilitate cross-promotional efforts (e.g. you each agree to place a sample of each other’s work into your publications or swap guest blogs). We recommend connecting with those who write within the same genre.
  • SFWG will eventually have a Recommended Reading page to further market member publications. Stay tuned for details!

SFWG Anthologies
The publication of genre-specific anthologies is a central focus of SFWG. As members you will have the opportunity to participate in contests to win a place in our anthologies and vote on the selected genre for future anthologies.

Vendor Discounts
As a member of SFWG, you are entitled to discounts when using services provided by the vendors located on our Affiliated Vendors page. All of these services have been personally used by cofounders and/or members and come with the highest recommendation. More will be added as agreements are made.

Support and Inspiration
Short fiction authors are a special breed, full of determination to persevere no matter the odds, but at times the publishing world can seem stacked against them in favor of writers of long fiction. Members of SFWG can find support and inspiration from fellow members in the form of private e-mails, inspirational posts on our Home page, and knowing that fellow members are going through the same struggles. Eventually we will install a free forum on our website so Members can connect in real time and discuss important topics related to short fiction. We also encourage members to contribute short fiction-related guest posts to our blog and offer suggestions to improve SFWG. Just use the Contact Us form to get in touch with us.

Ability To Trade Professional Services
Some of our members, in addition to being authors, have other talents at their disposal, such as cover design, e-book formatting, a knack for substantive editing or proofreading, and those who write well-constructed blurbs. Finding other members to connect with willing to trade services with you is as easy as finding them on our Members page and sending an e-mail.

Advertising and Group / Affiliate Marketing
Members can advertise their SFWG affiliation using “Short Fiction Writers Guild Member” on their author pages, websites, and within their publications to further expand visibility. In a future press release we will announce the terms of our logo usage as we expand in membership. Efforts are also under way to create group marketing opportunities with affiliate websites, blogs, and other industry professionals and organizations to increase the visibility of member publications and SFWG through targeted advertising and joint promotional initiatives.