NEW READ: “Traveling Left of Center and Other Stories” by Nancy Christie


Genre:  Literary Fiction

Summary:  “Girl,” my mama had said to me the minute she entered my hospital room, “on the highway of life, you’re always traveling left of center.” (from Traveling Left of Center)

Nancy Christie’s is a hypnotic, lyrical voice that captures your heart with its deep, rich humanity. In Traveling Left of Center and Other Stories, Christie writes about what happens when people face life situations for which they are emotionally or mentally unprepared. The characters in these eighteen short stories are unable or unwilling to seize control over their lives, relying instead on coping methods that range from the passive (The Healer) and the aggressive (The Clock) to the humorous (Traveling Left of Center) and hopeful (Skating on Thin Ice). But the outcomes may not be what they anticipated or desired. Will they have time to correct their course or will they crash? What happens when people face life situations for which they are emotionally or mentally unprepared? They may choose to allow fate to dictate the path they take—a decision that can lead to disastrous results.
Included in this collection of short stories are the critically acclaimed Alice in Wonderland and Annabelle.

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NEW READ: “Money Lies” by Annie Turner

Genre:  Western Adventure, Mystery

Summary:  Book 1 of the Zachary Davis Series

Called in to investigate small town’s bank robbery, Texas Ranger Zach Davis immediately gets the impression that there’s more to this case than meets the eye. A mysterious note, a ruthless railway overseer… how does it all add up?

This short novelette is approximately 10,200 words.

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NEW READ: “Fugitive: The Uxel Herum Saga” by Alain Gomez

Genre:  Young Adult Science Fiction

Summary:  Book 2 of the Uxel Herum Saga

Fearing retribution, Uxel Herum flees Gemshorn. Her escape is short lived when her ship malfunctions and she crashes to the surface of a neighboring planet, leaving her completely stranded.

While trying to explore her new surroundings Uxel is captured by the natives who are as formidable as they are fearsome. Their leader offers Uxel a chance to prove her skills, provided Uxel has any skills worth proving…

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NEW READ: “Clay (The Punk Series, Book 1.5)” by P.J. Post

Genre:  New Adult Romance

Summary:  Why did she get in that truck?

Bethany Warner is graduating from high school and is looking forward to college and the gymnastics team with few regrets, except for maybe Tommy – her possessive ex-boyfriend.

And as the last party of high school is turning into a dangerous and unforgettable nightmare, she meets Connor Clay, a punk and musician with a reputation for violence.

Clay retells the opening chapter of Ache from Bethany’s point of view, showing us not only her perceptions of the events of that fateful evening, but also much more about who she is and most importantly – why.

Welcome back to the 80’s, the party is just getting started.

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NEW READ: “Reborn: The Uxel Herum Saga” by Alain Gomez

Genre:  Young Adult Science Fiction

Summary:  Book 1 of the Uxel Herum Saga

To any Imperium official that asked, Uxel was a simple fruit merchant. She makes enough to make her business appear legitimate, nothing more. The real money was in selling weapons and information.

She encounters an intriguing stranger in the marketplace. One Uxel hopes will be interested in making a lucrative trade. But this stranger is not all he seems and the deal he offers Uxel has nothing to do with money but a chance to become a powerful tuner.

This young adult science fiction novelette is approximately 13,500 words.

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NEW READ: “‘DEATH TOLL 2: Hard Targets”

Genre:  Suspense Thrillers

Summary:  ‘DEATH TOLL 2: Hard Targets’ is a powerful, pulse-pounding, crime thriller anthology that brings together nine exceptional authors: Stephen Leather, Matt Hilton, Alex Shaw, JH Bográn, Stephen Edger, Liam Saville, Harlan Wolff, Milton Gray and Scott Lewis.

Hard Targets is a mission into the dangerous, deadly, elite world of cold-blooded killers, SAS troopers, KGB agents, private detectives, corrupt police officers, rogue robbers and ruthless revenge.

Hard Targets is the best short thriller fiction from nine of today’s best thriller authors.

DEATH TOLL 2: Hard Targets includes:

‘The Able Man’ – An exclusive tale of a Ranger’s ruthless revenge – MATT HILTON
‘Kill Zone’ – A classic Spider Shepherd SAS short story – STEPHEN LEATHER
‘Kyiv Rules’ – Crime, corruption & the Ukrainian Intelligence Service – ALEX SHAW
‘Absolution Withheld’ – A thief’s strange encounter at confession – JH BOGRAN
‘The Perfect Tonic’ – A murderous tale of the unexpected – STEPHEN EDGAR
‘The Commuter’ – A writer & a serial killer meet -LIAM SAVILLE
‘Bangkok Shuffle’ – A Bangkok PI on the case of two scams – HARLAN WOLFF
‘The Four Shades of Black’ – A special police unit investigates a special crime -MILTON GRAY
‘Widows Dance’ – A Ukrainian militia officer unearths a shocking secret – SCOTT H LEWIS

Nine thrilling stories, nine thrilling reads. Death Toll 2: Hard Targets

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NEW READ: “A Dozen Shorts” by J. H. Bográn


Genre:  Suspense/Thriller

Summary:  An eclectic collection of short stories coming from the mind of J. H. Bográn and his muses.

This collection comprises diverse characters on both sides of the law, from rougue FBI agents, to proffesional assassins, and everyday men and women facing impossible odds.

Author strongly recommends popcorn and soda as companions while delving into these stories.

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NEW READ: “Death Toll” by Stephen Leather, Alex Shaw, JH Bográn, Stephen Edger, Liam Saville, and Howard Manson, with an introduction by Jake Needham.

Death Toll 3

Genre:  Action Thriller

Summary:  You are embarking on an expedition into the dangerous, deadly world of assassins, spies, cold-blooded killers, rogue robbers and ruthless revenge. Of course the stories are great. They wouldn’t be here otherwise. But the inspiration was to create an opportunity for some brand new writers to work alongside a few seasoned writers and a few bestsellers and then see their work published with the best in the business.

The result is a collection of eight short stories that delight in the ultimate dirty deed. Everybody dies, but some deaths are just more entertaining than others. We’ve found those for you, and this anthology is here to introduce you to the work of these excellent thriller writers: established, and up and coming masters of the short story form.

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NEW READ: “Gatekeepers” by C.C. Kelly

gatekeepers cover small (1)

Summary:  Early in the twenty-second century, self expression is banned, including books, music and art. The Big 5 Divisions of the Ministry of Arts now control and monitor everything. If you’re lucky, your application for content creation will be accepted and if not, re-education may be required.

R. Garraty has worked hard to become the Deputy Director of The Division of Information Control. But, he has always secretly dreamed of a position in The Division of Content Creation. And today his wish is coming true – a promotion.

But, a new applicant-hacker going by the tag Slipknot has demonstrated the vulnerability of the system firewalls. The question now is whether or not this hacker is aiming for a top position with Information Control or launching a subversive attack on the system. R. Garraty can only hope that his promotion comes through before Slipknot’s agenda is revealed.

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