Volume One: The Founders

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Four stories. Four voices. Four different points of view. From the founders of the Short Fiction Writers Guild (SFWG), an organization dedicated to the celebration of all genres of short fiction, comes their first anthology, THE FOUNDERS.

Paranormal Romance from C.C. Kelly: VAMPIRES NEED PEDICURES TOO
Holly lives in Iowa. She likes books and works at the Library. She is a simple girl with simple tastes and wants. But, her best friend Deb is convinced Holly needs to get out for a change and get a real date. Tonight she has convinced Holly to attend an evening of speed dating at the hottest underground restaurant in town. After a day of shopping, they are both dressed to kill, which is a good thing, because Holly’s first ‘date’ is a vampire. A simple vampire with simple wants and tastes.

A fierce battle with a hated enemy leaves a warrior dying. Only in the fated delivery of a chronicler will he find solace in relaying his story. The fate of the Kingdom of Rothesia depends on it. Thus begins his story of honor, vengeance, and love. Through the recorded account, his legacy as a hero may pass through the ages. This fantasy fiction novella (about 52 book pages), the prequel to The Legacy Series, tells the courageous tale of the life of a warrior. This prequel sets off the chain of events that place the throne of the king, and the kingdom itself, in peril. Book one in The Legacy Series, a novel entitled King’s Reaping, is now available.

Science Fiction from Alain Gomez: WORTH THE RISK – BOOK ONE of the CALEN NATARI SAGA
The assassin profession is proving to be more difficult than Calen anticipated. Not exactly overwhelmed with job requests, Calen is forced to land on a nearby planet to repair her badly damaged ship. A stranger she runs into at the local cantina may be the solution to her problems. He lost his honor but is rich enough to pay Calen to help him regain it. All she has to do is risk her life…

Science Fiction from Casper Bogart: GIFT FROM A MAGI
In 2150, if you need a replacement lung, kidney, liver or ticker, you’ll need to go through Kong Magi, a mobster controlling the lucrative parts trade in NY-Samsung City. Normally an unsentimental businessman, Kong’s life changes when a client makes a very unusual request.