Unland Chronicles

It is easy to forget, in the sweeping changes and challenges that confronted the world after the Great Impact of 1800 [Year 0, Impact Age (I.A.)] that history is made up of individual families with individual stories. So much happened to society as a result of that impact. Countries became nothing more that walled City States. In our own America, each great City became a Protectorate of Walls, keep the terror and the mystery of the Unlands out.

And so it was that their grew a series of Protectorates: The Chicago Protectorate, The Boston Protectorate, The Philadelphian Protectorate. Each of these walled icy states had its own government, and economy. Of all the Post Impact cities, the wealthiest and most technologically advanced was the New York City Protectorate.

We bring you these individual’s tales.  Readers not possessing a strong constitution, or of a nervous disposition, are forthwith cautioned…

Begin your journey:

Tales told by Viola Solaro

Tales told by Abigail August


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